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K-Drama Review: A Gentleman's Dignity, Episodes 11-12

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Contains Spoilers for Episodes 11-12

We start off with some nice conflict due to the arrival of Eun-Hee, a woman who was the first love of all four guys in F44. She's looking for her son Colin because she knows he's in Seoul, and we now have a Mamma Mia! situation where he's looking for his father, but doesn't know who it is.

Yi Soo and Do Jin meet at the abandoned Mango Six coffee shop, and she confesses that she likes him, for real this time.

The Confession Goes Well.

It's so, so good to see these two together, finally. I didn't know if it would matter too much, since I'm not super-invested in the show, but Yisoo's confession is incredibly touching and just makes for happy viewing. She gives Do-Jin a play-by-play of every nice thing he's ever done for her, and this shows just how closely she's been paying attention to his efforts, even when she pretended not to notice.

Me Ahri isn't completely happy about Yisoo and Do-Jin's relationship because she hoped that Yisoo would date her brother Taesan, but it's clear that she'll come around to the idea. Me Ahri's presently more concerned about the fact that Yoon won't talk to her.

Has Collided With Cold, Hard Reality.

Ahahaha! Now Do-Jin is giving Yisoo instructions for how she should be thinking of him now that they're a couple: Have him on her mind night and day, worry like crazy when he doesn't answer his phone, and wander around hoping for the chance to see him. Because he's done all of this for her. It's a testament to Do-Jin's likability that this speech sounds cute rather than controlling-- we know he doesn't really mean all of this. Or does he?

Then there's more drama with Me Ahri and Yoon (when is there not drama with them? Oy.), and Colin comes to visit Yoon's law office.

Is Potentially Yoon's Son. But Probably Not.

And the kiddo cuts right to the chase: "If I find my biological father, do I immediately have rights to his estate, or do I have to wait until he dies?" I can't tell if he's really desperate for money, or if it's just a hard exterior cover-up for wanting to meet his dad.

In Heroine Land, we get the cutest shopping scene ever (I don't mind shopping scenes, but I can rarely appreciate fullblown shopping montages) with Sera and Yisoo. They walk out of the store singing in the most realistic girlfriends-out-having-fun way. For essentially the first time, I believe in their friendship.

Yoon thoughtfully points out to Me Ahri that she doesn't seem to have any dreams or goals other than landing him as a boyfriend. He mentions that she once wanted to design handbags, but she'll never make it into the industry when she's working at a coffeeshop and living for nothing but the chance to haunt his every step. He kindly says that she cannot keep her self-worth tied up in her relationship to one person; if the two of them are fated to be together, it will happen anyway. I think I love this guy.

Wise Words, Mr. Yoon.

In the other-other-other loveline in this show, Taesan and Sera have a new source of tension finally: Taesan is ready to settle down and get married, while Sera is decidedly not. For the first time, he's got visions of little feet pitter-pattering down the hallway, and he's starting to enjoy domestic things like cooking together.

Gotta Love That Cupcake Apron.

Taesan still hasn't learned that you can't turn a party girl into a housewife just by wishing. He once liked Sera because she was glamorous, while he ignored Yisoo, who was the settling-down kind. Sera was the type he wanted, and she's not going to change! I hope these two don't get married--they're too volatile together, and they only have nine more episodes in which to grow up.

Yisoo gets to do some cool teacher-stuff when Donghyeop gets into a motorcycle accident. She steps up like a boss and takes care of him, which shows that Capable Teacher Yisoo is even better than Cute Girlfriend Yisoo.

Needs a Keeper.

Colin finally introduces himself to F44 all at once. Colin goes to stay at Taesan and Me Ahri's house, under the guise of just being the child of an old friend. Me Ahri is incredibly suspicious of Colin, naturally, even though they're sorta friends. There's more talking around the issue of who his dad is, and more of Yisoo and Do-Jin being awesome, and that about wraps up episode 12.

Things I Loved:

1. The Funny. There's not a ton of it, but there are a couple of humorous moments and it's so cute when Do-Jin is trying to show off his new status as Yisoo's boyfriend at the all-boy high school where she teaches.

Move Along! Nothing Here to See.

2. Do-Jin/Yisoo. From Yisoo surprising Do-Jin at his workplace, to Do-Jin helping Yisoo with dinner, to Yisoo suddenly getting jealous of other ladies around Do-Jin, they're just so sweet.

A Pairing Worth Waiting For.


1. None, really. I think I've come to terms with the show's slow points. It is what it is!
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Episode Evaluations: Pretty fun. We've gone back to a nice, fluffy show full of relationship drama, but none of it really seems troubling anymore. If you've got at least one couple you're rooting for, sit back and enjoy the eps.

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