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K-Drama Review: Princess Hours/Goong, Episodes 23-24

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Contains Spoilers for Episodes 23-24

This long running show finally comes to a close in these episodes.

In the last episode, there was a fire on the palace grounds, and I was expecting Shin to rescue Chaekyung from it, but she was never in danger, as it turns out. But now the number one suspect for the arson is Shin himself. The whole thing's a plot by Yul's Mom, who set him up for a fall.


Chaekyung tries to comfort Shin in his time of difficulty, but he doesn't want her pity.

Yul's Mom tells Yul that Shin started the fire, but Yul says, "Mom. Shin isn't that emotional." Ha! That's great that Shin's name could basically be cleared from arson charges just because he doesn't have the capacity for the type of strong feelings required to start fires on purpose. Ice Prince, indeed. Yul realizes that his mom is behind the plot and starts investigating.

Investigating in English, No Less.

Chaekyung visits Shin and again and hugs him tight while telling him that she's sorry for all the troubles they've been through, but she really does want to stay by his side. Dawww. Chaekyung confesses that she loves him and just when it looks like Shin's about to send her away, he says, "Stay by my side. Don't leave me." For Shin, this statement is tantamount to writing her name is rose petals on a moonlit beach. The boy is not romantic, but Chaekyung loves him anyways.

Kissing, Yay!

I'm surprised that I'm still so happy for these two to get together. After all, Shin's been a near-emotionless robot for the whole show and Chaekyung has been bemoaning her fate for eight or so episodes. But hey, happiness is happiness. I'll take it! They have a precious discussion about how she'll earn the money and he'll watch their future kids if they get kicked out of the palace.

So Great, I Kind of Wish It Would Happen For Real.

The Queen Mother comforts her brokenhearted grandson Yul with some words of wisdom and a hug. Good. Yul needed a shoulder to cry on. The royal family soon decides that they have to send Chaekyung overseas--not sure why, it just seems like it'll take some of the national focus off of Shin and his potential misdeeds. But Chaekyung and Shin live it up anyway, going shopping and doing cute couple things. Then Shin and Yul work out what's left of their animosity through fencing.

The Sport of Literal Kings.

Chaekyung tearfully says goodbye to the royal family, but not before bonding with Shin's mom, the Queen, as she has never done before. Yul goes on television and claims responsibility for his mother's involvement in the arson. The King decides that he wants to retire from the kingship due to his failing health, leaving Shin in charge now that he trusts his son again. Yul's Mom finally repents of being such a total rat.

The story picks back up when Shin visits Chaekyung while she's living overseas in Macao. Turns out that Shin let his older sister become the reigning monarch instead of him! Such a nice twist. And then the Queen Mother comes to visit them, as well!

Shin At Right, Looking Sharp In His Suit Coat and Jean Shorts.

The Queen Mother gives Shin her own engagement ring to give to Chaekyung, now that they love each other truly. Shin hands the ring to Chaekyung and says, "Let's get married for real." This time, their marriage will be 100% their choice, not just something arranged by the royal household.

Too Sweet!

They renew their vows with only the Queen Mother and Chaekyung's lady-in-waiting as witnesses. It's a good contrast to the colorful but unfeeling spectacle of their initial wedding. Chaekyung feels nauseated immediately after the ceremony, and grandma suspects that she is pregnant. Shin and Chaekyung look surprised, but they also look like this is a distinct possibility. But...when did they...? There was no time...? Ah, anyways. The show ends with our two leads happily married for the second time, and their future is partly sunny with a chance of babies.

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Episode Evaluations: It's all over now, and I have trouble finding anything to say about Goong anymore. The ending wasn't bad--it was quite nice, even. Just took us ten too many episodes to get there. Goong is a pleasant Cinderella story that gets weighed down by angst simply because the same old conflicts refuse to resolve themselves. But it's not bad--just very, very slow.

I'm glad I watched the show, just so I'd know for sure what the longstanding buzz was all about, and I'm also glad that this show introduced me to the awesome actress Yoon Eun Hye who plays Chaekyung. There are several cute moments in this series, but they're spread a little too thin over the high number of episodes, so that puts Goong a little further down my list of classic K-dramas to recommend to others.

This is Tiger Holland, signing off and looking for a show with more zippy plot movement.


  1. Wow I am totally late in the game on your reviews- but you made me smile! I loved the Goong manga and the anime- I haven't watched the drama, but it was fun reliving those memories!

    1. Thank you! Most of my friends also say they read the manga instead of seeing the drama, so it's kind of cool for me to hear about the little differences between the versions. Goong is sweet in any form!

  2. Yeah I was also breaking mai head hw she is getting pregnant...
    Did I miss any ep or wat..? Hw did she gr pregnant.. ??

  3. i like the ending but i don't understand how Chaekyung getting pregnant???

    1. I really don't know. These two have been married for a long time, but I don't remember any episode where they were implied to have consummated their marriage.

      But oh, well. Royal babies are always wonderful, even if there's no good explanation for them!

  4. I really wanted a confrontation with Yul's mom where the King would be embarrassed for being so easily duped and the Queen would give him the "I told you so" look.

  5. There were two assumed get togethers. The first was after they made up and Shin talked about a celebration. The other was after he came from the police and wanted to see her. She gets hiccups and he's "helping" her get over them and she tells him that's not helping. He sleeps with her that night as you hear him say are you going to do this all night.

  6. Did Chae Gyeong ever go back to the palace?

  7. sooo, shin and chaekyung are not Crown Prince and Crown Princess anymore?? or are they?? or are they just Prince and Princess?? what?? somebody help me... THNX

  8. sooo, shin and chaekyung are not Crown Prince and Crown Princess anymore?? or are they?? or are they just Prince and Princess?? what?? somebody help me... THNX

    1. In my opinion they are still Crown Prince and Crown Princess because the Queen (Shin's sister) is not married yet to have kids of her own. So next in line to the throne is still Shin.

  9. I just finished going through this series for the second time. I know why chae-kyung is leaving but why and where is shin going?! I am lost.

  10. Honestly first time seeing this I love hw the uptight prince came to love the girl he never wanted bt I loved it