Tuesday, June 26, 2012

K-Drama Review: A Gentleman's Dignity, Episodes 9-10

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Contains Spoilers for Episodes 9-10

The show flips back to the last conversation we heard between Taesan and Do-Jin, where Taesan says of Yisoo, "If I knew she was interested, I would have found her attractive." Um. But anyway, Do-Jin's not threatened because Taesan says he still picks Sera over Yisoo. So this question is resolved. Again.

There's a big construction project going on at Sera and Yisoo's apartment, and Do-Jin sends the workers home so he can do it all by himself. Yisoo volunteers to help him, so he'll finish sooner and go away! But working together is an even bigger prize for Do-Jin, and he turns selecting nails for the wall into an excuse to hold her hand. Dawww.

Construction-Site Wooing, Step 1.

But there's something wrong with the direction given in these scenes. Do-Jin is looking like a happy puppy, just grateful for any chance to snuggle up to Yisoo, while Yisoo is looking like she's smelled rancid meat. It's just not working in the way it ought to be, and I'm pretty sure that Do-Jin is not intended to look like a creeper in this scene, but he does because of Yisoo's eww-leave-me-alone reaction to him.

Construction-Site Wooing, Step 2.

Also, these romantic maneuvers should probably not be conducted near a hammer, nails, and electric screwdrivers. Somebody's going to lose a finger. But Do-Jin's efforts eventually pay off, and twinkly romantic piano music starts to play for Yisoo as she looks at him. Someone's finally falling in love! And at episode 9, it's not a moment too soon.

Me Ahri's out at lunch with Colin when she grouses over seeing Yoon having lunch with his female work colleague (as Juniel's "Illa Illa" plays in the background). Me Ahri's always making scenes around Yoon, and I'm liking her less as time wears on. She even whines when Colin distracts her from watching Yoon leave the building. Sheesh.

Might Be Time to Move On, Honey.

Yisoo  appears to make a conscious decision to move on in her love life. She even outright admits that she liked Taesan in front of Taesan, Sera, and Do-Jin. Rock on! She says "that was a long time ago, though. Now Do-Jin's all I need. We're dating." Wait...is she really happy and liberated of the old feelings, or is she just using Do-Jin? Ah, yep. Just as it looked, she's not serious about this declaration.

Used Like a Secondhand Car.

Do-Jin's feelings are hurt, like you'd expect. He tells her, "Just because I like you, doesn't give you the right to use me." Amen, brother. But to be honest, Do-Jin's been a heartbreaker all his life, so although Yisoo did him wrong, this kind of thing still might help him grow as a person. He tells her to stay away from him, and when Yisoo's alone at home, she breaks down crying and realizes that she does care for him.

Now That It's Too Late.

Sera and Yisoo make up, yay! I've never really felt like their friendship was real, but I love it when girlfriends aren't tearing each other down. Elsewhere, Yoon and Do-Jin are thinking about getting old, which is about as close as this show gets to philosophizing.

After a lot more blustering and storming away, Do-Jin and Yisoo finally connect at the coffee shop where they first saw each other. It's clear from the context that they've both forgiven each other and they're ready to be together, for real this time.

Things I Loved:

1. Yisoo Falling for Do-Jin. This love story has been one-sided for long enough.

2. Teaching. Yisoo's having trouble with her favorite student Donghyeop who is acting in an unprincipled manner, which is awkward since it's an Ethics class that Yisoo teaches. Her favorite kid is learning nothing about Ethics, and is instead getting others to do his work for him. I'd like to see more of this side plot of Yisoo trying to help mold an aimless kid into a cool person who can fulfill his potential.

But We Probably Won't Get Much Of It.


1. People Standing Around Thinking About Their Feelings. Like, all the time. At work, at coffeeshops, on the street, at home...

Even When They're Beside Cool Glitter-Horned Deer.

2. Me Ahri. She gets so excited to see Yoon, she runs across four lanes of busy traffic. Uhhh.

Wae Irae? 왜 이래?

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Episode Evaluations: It's slow-paced, but decent. I'm hopeful that Yisoo and Do-Jin will be an official couple by the next episode, and that the new relationship will bring some freshness to the show.


  1. Your recaps are so good that I'm fully invested in these relationships even though I never watch the show lol

    1. Lol back! I keep trying to quit this one, and it keeps pulling me back. It's like having an addiction to Cheese Puffs or something.